Publications & Vita

Research Interests

Adult Attachment

I study the close relationships adults form with their romantic partners, best friends, and parents. Broadly, the types of questions I'm interested in are:
  • How do our working models of relationships affect our desires, perceptions, and experiences in close relationships?
  • How do our attachment styles change over time?
  • What types of defensive processes do insecurely attached people use to avoid getting hurt?

Personality Development

I also study how people change and grow over time.
  • How do our personality traits and attachment styles change over time?
  • How do people want to change their personality traits and attachment styles?
  • Can people volitionally change their own personalities and which strategies are most effective for doing so?


I'm interested in who people want to be, and what types of relationships they want.
  • Do people want to change their personality traits and/or attachment styles?
  • What do people want from their closest relationship?
  • How can people move toward realizing these desires?

Methods & Statistics

Online Research

I am a huge proponent of online research methods. I collect a large portion of my data online on Personality Assessor, a website I designed from the ground-up.

Personality Assessor offers free personality tests with instant feedback. People can complete the personality tests to learn more about themselves and about psychology. Additionally, some of the tests are used in my active research.

Personality Assessor

Statistical Methods

I have a minor in quantitative psychology and I am enthusiastic about using advanced statistical methods. I have extensive experience with:
  • Factor analytic techniques
  • Structural equation modeling (SEM)
  • Multilevel modeling/hierarchical linear modeling (MLM/HLM)
  • Multilevel logistic modeling (MLLM)
  • Dyadic analyses